Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Today's picture shows an Eskimo Family building an igloo. The picture was taken in 1924. I wonder if there are any Eskimo families who still live in igloos today, or if they have all moved to town? I can remember watching a documentary in the 1960's were there were still some groups maintaining their traditional lifestyles.


  1. Now days the igloo is manly used for hunting parties.
    When they go out of town on a hunt they build them so that they can be close to their hunting area without a lot of travel.
    It doesn't take them long to build them, kind of like us putting up a tent.

  2. I am tired of the heat in Maryland, but I am glad it is not that cold here.

  3. When they hunt seals, they find pockets of air under the ice where a seal might pop up for some air. They poke a hole in the ice in that spot and hang a bit of feather or tuft of fur. When it starts to move up and down, they know a seal is breathing there and they jab through the hole with a spear. It takes a lot of patience to hunt like that.