Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cowboy Bar

This picture lets us peer into the bar featured in Sunday's photograph. The picture was taken in Birney, Montana in 1939. No shortage of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. I wonder if they still make that? I was never a beer drinker but I can remember growing up that was one of the big brands. I think there has been a lot of consolidation in the beer industry since then.


  1. That is a lot of beer. I don't drink beer or any other booze for that matter.

    There is some Coke as well, but not nearly as much.

    The piano has an interesting looking carving on it. I wonder who made the piano.

    That guy has his cigarette way to close to that piano.
    If somebody got cigarette ashes on my piano, I'd kill 'im!

  2. Go into any bar an order a PBR and they will serve you a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. It was one of my favorite beer when I was drinking beer.
    It has been around for over 150 years

  3. I wonder what a FAMILY PACK of PABST is?
    I see they also have some OLD MILWAUKEE beer also.

    Two of the guys have on cowboy boots, but the one on the right is wearing some nice looking moccasins. I wonder if he coould be an Indian?

  4. ah, fer tha days when a famblyd be able tagit tagither roun an upright 88 an down a few cases of tha pabst fambly pack. shet mah mouth! ah remembers it like it twas yessurday. ol blind peaty (back then he was jest peaty), heed set on tha table, injun style, while mah brotherd tickle tha ivery. pawd belt out a tune - he was a plain dressed feller, but no one cawd critcize his shoe choice, particularly afer downin a few blue ribbons. ah remembers ma, she warnt one fa much in tha way of home decatin, purdy much jest a hangin lightbulb or sech... maybe a beer advaht or two, but she was allus busy wif all tha liluns in tha next room wif their bottles. bottles of coky cola thet is. yessuh, fambly thet downs six packs an sings tagether, stays tagether, is whut ah say. ya doesnt see much of thet ennymoe.

  5. I don't drink any more, but beer was always my choice. Pabst Blue ribbon is the best beer made in America.

  6. PABST is still being brewed. I just bought a 30-pk. It doesn't taste as strong as it did 45 yrs ago. 1967 at the NATO Exchange in Italy all they had was PBR. WOW-GREAT!! Boy, did I drink up.

    When I got out of the Navy, 1st job I could get was delivering Pabst & other odd brands no longer brewed. There, one of Augustus Pabst's granddaughter came to the beer shed to visit.

    She was single all her life (now deceased) looking for a date to show her around town. Treat was on her. I was the only single male there & out on a beer run. When I got back, she had already left. DAYUM! My life hasn't been the same since... Proust!

  7. PBR is indeed still around. I guess a few years ago it enjoyed a big resurgence in the Pacific Northwest, which is interesting in that the Pacific Northwest is one of the centers of micro brewing. Apparently it's the most commonly ordered bar beer in that region brewed by a major brewer.

    I like PBR but here people look down their noses at you if you buy. The odd thing is that some other major brands are not so regarded. With beer, as with all things, a certain snobbishness can attach for no reason at all.


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