Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Clothes Shopping

Today's picture shows a man window shopping for a suit. The picture was taken in Chicago in 1940. I guess by this time the Great Depression was slowly coming to an end.


  1. That looks like an indoor mall. Did such things exist back then?

    The suits are not so different from present day suits. Women's clothes from the forties are quite different from current clothing, although styles tend to go in cycles. Women's clothing styles change much more quickly and often than men's.

  2. LindaBSend:
    Wet feathers smell, but if your job is doing that all day long. WOW that would really stink. And I'll bet he hate the smell of wet feathers the rest of his life.

    I agree with Myrtle, it looks like todays photo was from an indoor mall.

  3. Hankerchiefs and hats - two big differences I see with the men's clothing. Today both are rarely seen.

  4. I'm sure these windows are on a street. In my town there are still huge foyers like this set off the side walk that you walk through before getting to the front door of the business.

  5. Stores used to have big foyers with deeply-recessed entry doors which created lots of window space for displays. This effectively got people halfway into the store even when they weren't specfically shopping. Also, it provided cover for pedestrians when sudden rainshowers erupted.

    1. Thanks, I grew up in the country and on military bases and didn't know such things existed.

  6. That gentleman would have to look that suit over very carefully before he decided to purchase it because most stores would not allow blacks to try on clothes. There were some stores run by, and for Negroes, as they were called then, and there they could try on clothing and have it altered.


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