Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today's picture shows men playing chess. I will have to admit of the games we have looked at this week, I would be most likely to play dominoes or checkers. I do not care for chess that much. I really don't want to think that hard about something that does not matter that much. I would like to play a game to relax, so checkers is more my speed.


  1. I never played checkers much, chess was my game. I played checkers against a few guy that really knew the game and really stomped me. I was like a little kid when I played with them.
    I was never a super stud at chess, but I won a few tournaments in my younger days.
    I have a few nice sets, but haven't played in many years now. My wife got me a computer chess game, tried it a little, but got bored with it real fast. I like the interaction with another player, watching his eyes and his facial express. They are all clues as what is on his mind, can't do that with a computer.

  2. Here I disagree with PJM. I don't like or understand the various games shown here this past week, but I do like chess. I like checkers for that matter, but I like chess better.

    Perhaps, for the same reason, when I was young I liked the Avalon Hill type strategy games a great deal, although it was always very hard to find somebody to play with. I've found that my son, in his mid teens, likes those old games as well.

  3. I play chess all the time, when I can find a partner. It is a game of strategy and thinking far ahead and analysis and sacrifice and psychology . It is like life…..changing with every move.

    “I like the moment when I break a man’s ego”
    (Bobby Fischer)

  4. Oh I agree that games that require a lot of thinking and concentration are too much like work. My big weakness is fast-paced computer games where you just react to things. No planning or strategy, please. :)