Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today we have a picture of a group of men playing checkers at a service station. The picture was taken in Greensboro, Georgia in 1939. Wow, this picture really takes up back to a day when life was lived at a slower pace. You could go to a station like this and they would fill the car up for you, visit with you, clean your windshield, check your oil, and your tire pressure. You actually enjoyed getting gas. Ah, I do miss those  days!


  1. I remember just such a service station in Pennsylvania. There was a pin ball machine inside and my brother and I used to take glass soda bottles there to exchange for. I think it was, a nickel a piece.

  2. Remember visiting my grands in Loganville, Jaw Ja in 50's to 60's. Couple of gas stations my grand would visit & I tagged along. L'il Gypsy I was called. Always so HOT by mid morning, no air conditioners, just electric fans.

    Did see'um play checkers, dominoes, cards ??, or spread the gossip or the real Bible truth. Oh, one station was called Briscoe's. Don't remember the gas they sold.

  3. Just a lovely reminder. Thanks

  4. Yes they were good ‘ole’ days…..some bad about them as well.
    Life was definitely simpler, including the cars. Back then you could open a hood and crawl in with the motor to fix it yourself. These days now, you couldn’t drop a dime on a motor and expect it to fall out on the ground below because there is so much packed in under the hood. Neither can the average person fix their own cars because they have made them so complicated and added all the computerization.

    The man with the black pants, he must be ‘somebody’…look at the spit and shine on those shoes!

    These are great old photos. Photography is my hobby and I have my camera with me no matter where I go. I take photos of anything and everything including people (my favourite). Some people have said “why”? and it’s because one day, maybe 50-70- or a hundred years from now someone will say ‘I’m glad he took those photos’.

    1. you do not have to wait--I am glad for the people comimg after us that you are taking the photos. I am like you and love photography--eveyones.

    2. oh me too. I love my family's photos from 100+ years ago and my family's photos from the 1950s and my children's and my grandchildren's photos . . . and your family photos too. I love family photos : )

  5. Simpler times. That's for sure.


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