Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Barber Shop

Today's picture shows a barber shop with a pool hall upstairs. The picture was taken in Berwyn, Maryland in 1937. I love the distinct look of these old businesses.


  1. I like the look of old businesses as well.

    Berwyn is just a stone's throw away from the main campus of the University of Maryland, where I went to school. I don't know what the place was like in 1937, but it was a rough area in the late seventies when I was at school and is even worse now.

    It is just a few miles north or Washington, DC.

  2. I wonder if you can get a beer any where near by? Just being funny folks. Or trying to be funny.
    As much trash that there is in the street, I would say it was a rough area already.

  3. Ahhh Pool week, fantastic. I love the game. My first experience was when my Grandfather took me to the Masonic Hall for a few games. Actually he was supposed to babysit me and I guess figured where else could he keep his eyes on me and have the other guys keep an eye on me as well. I had to stand on a milk crate so I could reach the table. Now a days I play in the APA, it's a great league, lots of fantastic people. Seems like I meet every walk of life getting together to play pool. Rich, poor, drunk, sober and everyone in between. It's a real conglomeration of folks. The competion between teams is intense. We have our fair share of arguments over shots but in the end everyone is a friend.

  4. Gunther Beer, Arrow Beer, Free State Beer. . . never heard of any of those. I wonder if any of them are still around?

    1. Free State Brewing Co. is still brewed in Lawrence, KS
      Gunther Beer, Arrow Beer both are still brewed in Baltimore, Maryland

    2. But it seems that Hopfheiser beer (the sign above the door)from Baltimore, MD is no more.

    3. Here in Fox Lake, Il., we have a barbershop next to a bar. At one time, they had a door between the two places (might still) and guys waiting for a haircut could go to the bar and have a few while before their time in the chair.

      That's like a bar/laudromat setup.

  5. I knew the Attick brothers in Berwyn. They still had businesses there in the 1960's. I am surprised to hear that it's a rough area now, but I haven't been there in 5 or 10 years. Berwyn was fine then. There were only a handful of businesses in Berwyn.


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