Tuesday, August 14, 2012

B-17 Bomber

Today's picture is a silhouette of the B-17 bomber, known affectionately as the Flying Fortress. The picture was taken in 1942 at the Langley Field in Virginia.


  1. What a gorgeous picture! I'm really enjoying this week's subject. By the way, a couple of ideas for weeks to come spring to mind: WWII Navy; Normandia; etc...

  2. It is rather a striking photo.

  3. The B-17 carried a bomb load of 4,800 lbs of bombs and had in 4 engines a combined 3000 H, and flew at 250 MPH.
    The B-52 carries 70,000 lbs of bombs with 8 engines producing 17,000 lbs of thrust at 650 MPH. And the B-1 carries 84,500 lbs with 4 engines with 30,000 of thrust with after burners and flys at 900 MPH plus.

    1. That is for each engines on the B-52 and the B-1.

      But the B-17 was a very impressive bomber for it day.

  4. You picked one of the best examples of WW II aircraft. This will be a good week

  5. The quality of the pictures (they are 70 years old after all) is quite impressive.

  6. Great! Love the sunrise/sunset shots.

    Dadd, from the flightline I saw a B-1 take off with AB's lit. The loudest thing I've ever heard. Truely Awesome. It nosed up to about 45 degrees and was a speck in no time.

  7. We use to have B-1 stationed here in Grand Forks, and I watched them quite often. They Use to take off and kick in their afterburners and turn the nose straight up and were gone in no time..
    The one up here had set many records for bombers. An d one of them was rate of climbing,


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