Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Watering Animals

Today's picture shows animals being watered at a well. The picture was taken in 1930 in Bethlehem. It is interesting the diversity of animals found there.

No update on the projects here. I have been helping the lovely Ms. EAM with some of her work, so hopefully I will have an update on things later on this week.


  1. I really like this picture. I wonder if all those are goats or if some are sheep. They can look an awfully lot alike. We always de-horned our goats.

    Camels have an interesting awkward grace about them.

    I assume that those little critters are donkeys and not mules (is there a difference?)

    I also like the stonework.

    I am glad we have water, so many around us are without electricity from the recent derecho thunderstorms. Your recent posts have really made me aware of the blessing of abundant, easily procured, inexpensive water.

    1. Looks like both sheep and goats. Mules are a hybrid of a donkey and horse and are sterile. It is a donkey in the photo.

  2. Indeed four diversity animate but all this is without any tallow analogous to thirst in Bethlehem.


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