Sunday, July 8, 2012

Water Witching

OK, we had lots of interesting commentary yesterday on water witching, so thought we  would try to keep the discussion going by showing this picture of a water witch. He is working in New Mexico, which is not known for lots of water, so he has his work cut out for him.

Well, my time in Africa is drawing to a close. I am sad, but also looking forward to returning home to the lovely Mrs. PJM and all my friends. I will say that my time in Africa has been an eye opening experience. It really makes me re-evaluate what is important, and to be appreciative of the small things in life.


  1. Wow! Look what happens when I stay up late. I am the first one to comment! Wow! I have always felt that water witching was akin to real live witching. Just don't understand how it could possibly work. However, I am old enough to accept there are things in this world I do not understand, and this be one of them.

    1. Hey, what is going on. Someone posted before me!!!

  2. I don't know how well "witching" works, but here is one of my experiences with it.

    I use to manage a large mobile home park,. One time when we had to dig out a storm sewer drop, and reset it. I told them there was a water main in the area also, and I would go and get the blueprint of the water and sewer lines. They had already started digging and one of their crew said he could "witch" out the water line.
    I had asked them to wait for me to get back there with the plans. When I got to the office there were some people there, that I had to talk with. It held me up for a few minutes, but by time I got back to the dig site I saw water spraying in the air. I ran and got the shut off key and had to shut the water off to the whole court. That was faster than trying to locate all the valves to isolate the one area. It would have taken 4 valves to shut that area down. The water lines are interlaced and park is designed to be able to shut off just small portions at a time. After I got thing under control, I went back and shut down the needed valves, but I got a lot of calls for mad residents, some were in the middle of taking showers.

    I don't know what he "witched", but they had punched a hole into a 10" water main. You talk about a mess. They had to do a lot more digging just to repair the water main, and this happened at an intersection in the streets. So not only did the have to repair the water line, fix the storm sewer drop, but also repave a large chunk of street.

    You talk about nerve, they sent me a bill for ALL the work they had to do. But after I raised a lot of ruckus, they didn't even charge me for the storm sewer repair.

  3. I had a job for the telephone Co once in a trailer park like that, and even after calling USA (Underground Service Alert) and having the various utilities mark what they could, it was still a maze underground, and once you got down more than a foot, it was a LOT of shovel work. The water system was private, owned by the park, and they had no idea where things were. They eventually had to have a guy stand by with all kind of repair parts because we were constantly hitting water lines. My friend who could witch water came out, but there was so much stuff in the ground it threw even him off. That was one slow goin' job, but when we were done, we knew where everything was. The guy who owned the park was really happy to get a copy of the corrected map.

  4. I'm thinking 'Witching' acts much the same way as a Ouija board. If you believe in it, your subconscious directs the witching rod. And yes, there are lots of stories of people who have successfully found water that way(random chance), but I'd bet there are a lot more stories of negative results.

  5. I grew up in the Connecticut River Valley in CT, and as a way to make extra money my Dad pounded wells. Before he started digging he would take a forked applewood branch and "witch" for the wAter. He never missed the perfect place to find water. He had such a good reputation, that people who were having problems with their wells would ask him to "witch" water for them. He had to tell a lot of people that the water they were looking was a foot from the existing well!! I could never "witch", but one of my sisters could.