Saturday, July 7, 2012

Water Witch

Today's picture shows a "Water Witch" looking for water. She is  using a forked peach limb, which purportedly will bend down in the best spot  for a well. While I know people who deeply believe that water witches can find water, I remain skeptical. It does make a nice income for some people.

Well, my time is Africa is drawing to a close. I fly out of here on Tuesday. I fly from Kitale to Nairobi, Nairobi to London, London to Dallas, and then a five hour drive home. Actually that is a pretty good set up, and have been on much worse in the past.

I am trying hard to get the projects finished here. The well is so close to getting done. Because of the rain and dampness, the concrete at the top of the well is slow to dry and is delaying the installation of the pump. The pump installation will only take a few hours, but we need the concrete to dry. We are putting the finishing touches on Chickie Town, East Africa Edition. The coop is almost finished, and the chickens should be delivered in the next few days.


  1. I too remain skeptical of water witching. But some people swear by it. Oh well.
    I have seen it applied, but still wonder about it.

    How did you decide on the spot where you were going to dig your well over there?
    How deep did Jacob actually dig?
    How deep is the water in the well?
    Has the water cleared up to crystal clear of is it still cloudy looking?
    Are there laying holes in the coop?
    Are the chickens going to be free roaming or is there going to be a pen area for them to be in?
    I think I would worry if they could free roam, because some of them might not come home and end up in some one cooking pot, or some critters stomach.

    Just a few questions that inquisitive minds are wondering.

  2. Dadd-
    We dug the well where they had already started one. That way we took advantage of work already done. Jacob hit water at 75 feet, I do not know how much deeper he went. The water is clear, and we had an inspector test the water and he said it was good and clean. The coop will have many, many laying boxes. The chickens will stay in the coop in the day, and will be let out to roam in the afternoon. we have enclosed the property in chicken wire to keep them from roaming off and have fenced the garden to keep them out of the garden.

  3. My husband can "witch" for water using two metal rods. I have seen him do it several times and still don't get it! It really does work for some people.

    Love the work you are doing over there. What a difference you are making in the lives of the orphans. Atta Boy!

  4. My grandmother was a water witch, and just in the last six months me and my mother were a little tipsy and decided to try it out using a willow branch. While I (who believed in it) felt only a slight tug on the branch, my mother almost passed out when it bent entirely backwards between her legs to point at the current well. She has always thought it was a bunch of garbage. It was the eeriest sight I have seen! We have since found that a few other members of the family, and my fiance can do it to varying degrees. If you lift up on the end of the branch you can feel the tension going down it, and there is no humanly way someone could force it to bend! Whether or not it is actually finding water is something I'm not sure about- but there is definitely something going on!

  5. My friend's uncle was the best darn "diviner" (that is what he called using divining rods) I ever saw.
    We used to go with him on jobs, and I don't think he ever missed finding a spot where a producing well was later dug.
    Mr PJM, I have never met you personally but I am very proud of your efforts to help those people.
    There is a special place reserved for you in Heaven my friend.
    Thank you.

  6. I used to work for a natural gas company and some of the guys in the field would "witch" to find the buried pipeline, if they couldn't find it otherwise.

  7. I think you have to be a believer. It doesn't work for me, but I used to work with a guy for the Phone Company who could do a better job of finding buried cables than the guy with the cable locating equipment. He could also find water. One day, we were out on a construction site where they were remodeling a commercial building. A crew was there trying to find the sewer pipe for some reason, and having no success. Bill told one of them to go in and flush the toilet a few times, and he got out his witching wires that he kept in the back of the truce, walked around a little bit, and then painted a spot on the ground, and said, "here it is." We had to leave to go do something else, but came back later in the day, and they had dug right where he marked and there at the bottom of the hole was the clay sewer pipe. I have no idea how they do it, but it does work for some people.

  8. Concrete does not "dry" and if you let it dryout it will fail. Concrete cures and must be kept wetduring the cure. Put a piece of plastic over the well and rocks around to keep the plastic down tight against the ground. Will take 3 days to get to 90% of max strength.

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  10. Let's try that again...

    Well, [no pun intended :)], 'divining,' 'dowsing,' or 'witching' certainly seems a mystery? In regard to your blog, which I found while searching for images of old school buses ... OUTSTANDING! God Bless You for your work in Africa! I will certainly come back an view the treasures that you have posted on a myriad of topics and subjects.

    Mike II

  11. my cousin witches graves, water lines, other things. He told me if it was magic or mystical, he wouldn't do it but he believes it is scientific in that the wires, the metal, the willow branches can detect a disturbance in the earth. In graves, the earth has been moved. In witching wells, there is a disturbance of the earth. I don't know. I believe but I have copper pipes to witch with, but I'm not very accurate. Good luck to any water/grave witches out there!

  12. I am 57 years old and when my Polish Granpa wanted to dig a well on his country property with trailer attached,he went and very painstakingly sought out a particular branch of wood and after a careful amount of whittling had a fork shaped device which he would walk around holding in 2 hands while the point remained forefront! Sooner or later the tip of the stick would dip and waver! He called this Dowsing! Whatever the name the well produced water where their was not supposed to be any? Go figure? Thank you.


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