Sunday, July 1, 2012

Water Pumps

Today''s picture shows men looking at some old hand water pumps for sale. The picture was taken in 1941 in Milaca, Minnesota. I am wondering if the old building is a hardware store, or perhaps a train station.

Yesterday was Sunday, so not much progress on the well. Hopefully we will get things moving again today. I will share a video of the children continuing to work their garden in anticipation of water.


  1. I have work for those productive young men.

  2. I'm guessing that with the tracks, the railway signal, platform, and the Great Northern Railway logo, it's probably a train station.

    1. And the distinctive station architecture with the extended eaves. I would recognize that silhouette as a RR station anywhere.

  3. I know that Great Northern Railroad sign very well. It was on all the stations up here in North Dakota. And on all the box cars, and all the engines, and all the cabooses .
    I would say that it is a shipment of water pumps to the local hardware store.
    They are not only hand pumps, but they are also the same ones that are hooked up to wind mills.
    Well at least they look just like the one we had on the farm.
    When the wind wasn't blowing, and you needed water, you just pulled a pin and disconnected the wind mill and put the handle in place and put the pin back in and started to pump by hand.

  4. Such hard workers! Hopefully their garden will be very productive.

  5. I love hearing the laughter of the children in the background and the comforting murmurs of the adult voices. What a blessing.

  6. I'm pretty sure it's a train station. I Googled "Milaca train station" in Images and found this site

    Seems to be same as the building at the bottom.
    A paragraph or so on this site about the history and current state of the building may be of interest as well.

  7. Yup, a Railroad Depot for sure . . . but I'm glad to read the history of the windmill and water pump on the farm . . . Thanks, Dadd, for the background.