Friday, June 22, 2012

Wild Cow Milking

We wrap up Milk Week with this picture of cowboys milking a wild cow. The picture was taken at a roundup in Montana in 1939. I would think gravity would be working against you if you tried to milk a cow laying down, but perhaps they are just catching her and will stand her back up before milking.


  1. I don't know about standing her back up.
    They have 3 cowboys on horses with ropes holding her down and 4 of them on top of her doing the milking. They must have wanted/needed milk pretty bad to use 7 cowboys and 3 horses to get a little milk.
    And yes it is very possible to milk a cow on it's side.

    1. Actually there are 4 cowboys on horses with ropes . I just looked at the photo again and can see the fourth one a ways away right behind the horse on the left side.
      It must be very dangerous business, milking a wild cow.

  2. We have an event call wild cow milking at some of our rodeos in Wyoming. Two man teams, a mugger and a milker. The mugger ropes and holds the cow while the milker gets the milk and runs on foot back to the judge. Very entertaining!

  3. You still see something like this today. Always accompanied with shouts of "STOP RESISTING"