Friday, June 8, 2012

Making Ice Cream

Today's picture was taken in 1940, and it shows some children making home made ice cream. How many of you remember making ice cream in a bucket like this? I sure do and can tell you it makes the best ice cream. Now, a couple of things about the picture. When we used a bucket like this we filled it to the top with ice, and in this picture I see no ice showing. Also, on ours to keep it from tipping over as you turned the crank, you had to have another kid sit on the top of the bucket for weight. So, I suspect in this picture perhaps they are getting ready to make ice cream but are not really doing it yet.


  1. You have to remeber that even though it was fullto start with, when you add the salt to the ice (that make the ice get colder) the ice will start to melt down.
    I do see some ice cubes on the ground at the base of the bucket (mid left side)
    I do remember that we had to add ice 3 - 4 times before we were done. The water from melted ice would drain out a couple of holes at the top of the bucket
    It looks like it was a big picnic with all those cars there.

  2. My mom made ice cream like this at home on the farm on special occasions in the 40's & 50's. We would get out the old ice cream maker and make it at Christmas and Thanksgiving in the 60's & 70's. It was one of the things we cousins looked forward to most at those get togethers. Besides playing, that is!

  3. I remember as a little girl my grandma making homemade ice cream if I really, really begged. It was the mid 80's, so homemade ice cream was a novelty by then. It was the absolute best! Years later my dad and I would occassionaly go to a teeny tiny church near where he grew up. The church ladies had huge machines they used to make homemade ice cream and sell it as a fundraiser. Absolutley delicious!

  4. I never made ice cream but I love all the stories from everyone here. I'm a little late but yesterday's pic was fantastic. I remember down east Maine as a kid visiting cousins. Us kids were in the back of a truck loaded with turnips. They grow alot of turnips in Maine. Are you ready for it? Ready? Not one of us kids ever fell off the turnip truck. Ba da bing.

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