Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Log Cabin Scene

Today's picture was taken in 1895, and it shows an old black man by his Log Cabin. He is pouring himself a beverage, and a woman can be seen sitting in the window.

I like to look at the construction detail on these old houses.


  1. It looks like the part of the cabin on the right side was added later.
    I'm thinking it would be a lot of extra work to put a little jog in the wall like that, and the logs look like they are not as weathered, and the chinking look a lot smother.
    I see parts of a yoke hanging on the wall, but I have no idea what that broom looking thing is, that is to the left of him leaning against the wall.

  2. I may be totally mistaken - it's been known to happen - but think the object to the left of his is used to pound grain into flour. Whatever it is, this entire phicture speaks of a life of hard, hard work.

    1. No, it is sitting next to the axe. Probably used to hit a froe or wedge when splitting logs for shingles or rails.

  3. On the bright side you wouldn't spend a lot of time washing windows! :)

  4. What a great photo. It portrays an obviously difficult life, but better than today in many ways by virtue of it's simplicity.

  5. To the right of the man is probably the fireplace chimney.
    And other than the sill log, most of the other logs look like split logs, meaning they would use fewer logs, but the walls would not be as thick.
    Great photo.

  6. Also, probably a child in the window.


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