Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Log Cabin Family

Today's picture shows a group of people in front of a log cabin. The picture was taken in 1903. It looks to be a family, and two additional men. There is snow on the ground, and everyone is dressed for cold weather. The location of the photograph is not recorded.


  1. They make me think of lumber jacks.
    It looks like they are a family of a husband and wife and 4 little kids and maybe two brothers of one of the parents.
    I noticed that the cabin had two doors right next to each other, so that the two other men could go right next door (maybe that is were the word "next door neighbor" comes from) to eat supper or to socialize.

    1. The cabin looks fairly new, none of the bark is rubbed of off the logs

  2. I agree with Dadd; the man on the right looks like the brother of fellow in the center. Mom has that cabin fever 'Calgon Take Me Away' look goin' on.

  3. Tight quarters during long winter months.
    I bet those kids love to go out to play!

  4. those 3 guys are all bros. Look at their noses. So one ended up as the shrimp. That is the way it is in my family. Tall. or short.