Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ice Cream

Welcome to Ice Cream Week here at OPOD. With summer upon us, I felt it was appropriate to look back at people enjoying this summer time treat. Today's picture is from 1913, and it shows a child enjoying a bowl of ice cream.

We all know that the best ice cream is home made. Perhaps you would share some of your favorite ice cream memories and maybe even some ice cream making secrets.


  1. About the only thing I can remember about homemade ice cream is that I got to do all the cranking. And it never turned out very hard, it was always very soft, but still good.
    I suppose not enough ice, or didn't get the salt added right

  2. I stayed with my grandmother in New Mexico during the summer months. We lived up on the mountain, and everything including water and ice, had to be hauled in. We would make homemade ice cream fairly often. When the paddles were removed they were placed in a large aluminum dish pan. I would take the dish pan to "Red," our horse, and he would lick up the ice cream that had melted off the paddles. He really liked it.

  3. I had one of those moments... here you've presented an image of a child from 1913, and that could have been my mother at that age (she was born in 1908). In looking at these old photographs over the months and years, PJM, I am reminded of the fleeting moments of this life we have. That girl (as well as my mother) are long gone from this earth. So one of the benefits of that realization--through your old photographs--is to remind me to live my life as though there IS no tomorrow, for, in truth, there isn't. There is only "now", for each of us reading this. That nameless child is no more, and yet each of us has THIS DAY to enjoy, to do good things, and to care about others. I thank you for the reminder. I'm a better person for it.

    1. I "like" this comment - it is so very true. I want to add, enjoy each old memory while you enjoy each "now" momemt -- remember and honor your parents and their memories, and your grandparents and their memories. These old pics of the day help us do all of that.

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  5. If you have a Donvier ice cream maker you can whip up citrus sorbet in no time flat. Simply take your citrus juice and blend with simple syrup (sugar water) to make your "ade" and process it in your maker. Make the mixture a bit stronger than how you would drink it so you can enjoy the flavor. Right now, I have an abundance of lemons so lemon sorbet is so very refreshing in 100 degree heat.

  6. I remember my sisters and a friend taking turns sitting on top of the maker to make it work better.

  7. I cranked, and cranked, and cranked...
    But, in the end, it was worth it ! mmmmm


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