Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ice Cream Truck

Today's picture was taken in 1918, and is shows a Reid's Ice Cream truck. It was taken in Washington DC. I can remember as a child there was a milk man who would deliver milk to the house. He also had a nice selection of Ice Cream sandwiches, fudgebars, and eskimo pies. Very good ice cream and a very nice man. The man was Elmer Garlits.


  1. A Good Humor truck goes around our neighborhood. It plays the Music Box Dancer.
    I never buy any ice cream now, but I used to buy soft served ice cream from a Mr. Softie truck when I was a kid.

    1. Wow, I thought I was the only one who remembered the Mr. Softie truck. I have mentioned it to some of my cousins I grew up and they don't remember getting ice cream from Mr. Softie. I thought maybe I'd made it up, but here is my proof. To this day I still prefer soft served ice cream!

  2. When we were children the local ice cream man came round the streets on a horse and cart. There was also another one who pedalled a kind of tricycle contraption with the ice cream inside a well insulated tub in the front part of the vehicle. It was the days long before ice cream chimes and both of them used whistles to announce their presence. And both of them had a bottle of red syrup, raspberry I think, which they would offer to squirt over your cone by asking the customer, "Do you want monkey's blood on that?" lol! Us kids loved the "monkey's blood" and we loved patting the horse almost as much as we loved the ice cream.

  3. "patting the horse" then eating ice cream. How unsanitary! How ever did you survive?

  4. We used to have a Reeds Ice Cream company and sandwich shop in Des Moines, IA. and nearby states. They had a Nutty Fudge Sundae topping that I would kill to have a taste of now

  5. That wagon is a heck of a lot nicer then the old broken down van with rust & dents that comes down our street every day blaring a god-awful sound, meant to be music.
    Ah, for the good old days....

  6. Those cruddy vans driving around now MUST be selling something other than ice cream to pay for the gas alone.


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