Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ice Cream Cart

Ice Cream Week continues today with this picture from 1900. It was taken in Cuba, and shows a man selling ice cream from a cart on the side of the street. I bet it was good ice cream, but I also bet he needed to sell it pretty quickly. I don't see a lot of opportunity for insulation on his cart.


Yes, I have arrive in Africa with the Lovely Miss EAM. We are at the last outpost  of civilization in Western Kenya. The first week we pretty much spent just getting settled in . . . getting water working, getting food, and finding our way around. Everything takes more time than you would like, and even something simple like getting  food takes all day. Anyway, we did get out to the Mattaw Village, and the children were so happy to see the lovely Miss EAM. The children knew that she was sick, and the folks had told them she was better and would be coming back, but I think some of the children had assumed the worse. Anyway, when we arrived at Mattaw, everyone ran out to greet her with hugs and kisses. It took several hours to just get through the greetings. Then Miss EAM wanted to get down to business to check on the health of all the children, but they had other ideas . . . they wanted to braid her hair. So, the rest of the afternoon was spent with her being a full size barbie doll.


  1. Even if the cart was insulated, he still would have to work very fast with the heat they would have down in Cuba.

    We have an ice cream truck that comes through our neighborhood, but he is so sporadic it isn't funny, but when he does come, you can hear his music for a long time before he shows up. The kids start to gather in spots and wait for him to stop.

    Well, I see you are only one member away from hitting 2,500. Good job PJM

  2. So happy to hear from you. If someone could manage to make every day things more efficient ------
    Had to laugh, hearing about the lovely Miss EAM's reception.

    Would you consider writing a book about all the experiences in Kenya?

  3. She's pretty PJM. Neato. I still come back and check the pictures to keep up. -anonymousperson

  4. The ice cream wagon looks like the taco carts in Ensenada.

  5. what a great photo . . . and great patience on Miss EAM's part. This must be pretty special to the little ones. And hope you all got your necessities lined up and have food and water.


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