Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ice Cold Milk

Welcome to milk week here at OPOD. Nothing is better than an ice cold glass of milk, as this Oil Field worker knew. The picture was taken during the Kilgore, Texas oil boom in 1939.

I love milk, and there are somethings that are simply not complete without a big glass of milk, like apple pie, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate cake, and any type of cookies.


  1. Boy, did you leave me out. I do like milk, but I don't care for cake, and chocolate cake is at the top of the list.
    But I will kill for my wife rhubarb cake or her angle food pumpkin cake.
    I will eat pumpkin pie and maybe some lemon pie, But those is about the only dessert I like.

    I don't care for any kind of cookie. They are all to dry for me. I will eat PB & J at times, but a jar of peanut butter will last for a year in our house.

  2. Ah, milk, it is hard to keep it in the house. The kids love it especially with cereal.

  3. My mother was payroll clerk in a large chemical plant in Nevada. The facilities had originally been built as part of the WWII war effort.

    One day, one of the young men brought a bottle, one like the bottle in your photo, into the office to show to mother. The young men had found the bottle somewhere in the building and no one knew what it was. So they brought it to show mother saying, "Mrs. Cole will know what it is." This was in the early 1970's.

  4. I miss those glass bottles. Cold mike out of glass, mummmmmm

  5. If God made anything better then chocolate cake and ice cold milk, he kept it for
    (I'm going to enjoy milk week!)

  6. Milk has gotta be ice cold and in a cold glass. I don't drink milk anymore. It upsets me.

  7. Milk always seemed to taste better when it came in glass bottles with the cardboard pull top, too.

    I am glad the era of wax paper containers is over. There was always an odd smell to them - maybe due to drips of milk drying/picking up odors from the rest of the fridge - on the wax funnel-top.

  8. I agree.... nothing better than cold, cold milk. Love it. Luckily I remember having fresh milk on my grandparent's farm and that thick, thick cream on the top. The whipping cream you buy now seems to be watered down. Nothing like the real thing for making homemade ice cream!

  9. We always got our milk from the farm next door to my grandparents, or - after I married - from the people across the road. Store-bought milk is like store-bought bread - a mighty poor substitute for the real thing.


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