Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Girl Milking Cow

Today's picture is from 1902, and it shows a small girl pouring herself a cup of milk . . . right from the cow. I love the look of the old guy in the background. Is he not a real backwoods kind of guy or what?


  1. There is a thriving black market for raw milk. The Department of Agriculture even has special teams to raid farms that are perpetrators of such foul deeds. Sure drinking raw milk can pose health hazards, but if the cows and their barns are kept clean and the cows TB tested the risks are slight. Lyme disease can be milk borne, so I wouldn't drink raw milk in an area - such as where I live- that Lyme disease is endemic.

    1. Hi Myrtle, your post set me wondering as to the position in the UK these days regarding raw milk and would you believe, like a lot of other stuff it is available for online ordering and courier delivery!
      The prices don't seem too bad either. I may give them a try and also some of their raw cream and butter.

    2. I often drank raw milk as a child. The farmer had his own dairy and sold chocolate milk as well, which he swore came from his brown cows. The milk was delicious and never did us any harm. Poor old Willie would probably go to jail for running a raw milk dairy today.

  2. I'm not sure if it's just Baltimore County or all of Maryland, but what they call "creamery milk" is available here again. So many people simply go up into PA to buy it from the Amish, I suppose the gummit figured they might as well give us what we want.

    I grew up on it and so did my kids, and it didn't do us a bit of harm.


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