Saturday, June 30, 2012

Getting Water

Today's picture is from 1939, and it shows a woman getting water from a well, using a metal bucket, and chain. The picture was taken in San Antonio.

OK, things are moving forward again on our water project. Jacob has redug the well (redug . . . is that a word, I mean, could you get scrabble score for that word?). It is now 41 inches in diameter, matching the outside diameter of the concrete culvert. 

We pretty much have the first culvert in. It was the hard one, as Jacob had to constantly chip on the hole in areas where the culvert would hang. The next ones should go easier. The video below shows a little view of the culvert being lowered.


  1. Jacob in the hole when the culvert pipe is being lowered?

  2. Praise God! I knew you could do it!

  3. I'm shocked that Jacob could "re-dig" the well so fast. GREAT video. Thanks for showing us how it has been done. The guy in the blue and white striped shirt doesn't seem to have a job ----

    I, too, wonder just where Jacob was when he chipped away spots that were hanging up the culvert. Looks like he was riding astride the culvert as it is being lowered.

  4. How deep is the level of water in the well?
    Will he have to dig it deeper to make the water more accessible.
    Is the water still murky, or has/will it clear up?

    Re-dug is a word, you need the hyphen

    1. Dont have answers to your questions on the water. It is already night time here, and I did not go out as today was sunday, so dont know if they were working. Hopefully I will learn more tomorrow.

  5. You seem to be a day out.

  6. Love these photos

  7. Man O Man, that guy in the orange shorts has some of the biggest feet I've even seen ! lol
    Good job on the well re-fit !