Thursday, June 28, 2012

Drawing Water

Today's picture shows a woman drawing water from a shallow well. How nice it must have been to be able to hit water only a few feet deep. The picture was taken in 1937 in Minnesota. 

The tension is so heavy in the air here you could cut it with a small hand spade. The children have become optimistic that we are about to his water. So optimistic in fact that they have completely turned over their 1/2 acre garden, and have planted new seedlings.

The moment of truth has arrived! A bucket is being lowered on a rope to the bottom of the well, and now is being drawn back out!

Tune  in tomorrow when we will learn if there is anything in the bucket!


  1. What a nice looking bunch of kids! I'm sure that the well is the most exciting thing to happen to them. It will be a big improvement for them. Let's hope the bucket is full of lots of clean, glorious water!

  2. Tune in tomorrow! Doh!
    Don't keep us in suspenders!
    My prayers are with Jacob, the children and the whole team.

  3. As an employee at a national environmental agency with a background in drinking water, I both cringe seeing that well, and at the same time recognize that when done those citizens will be better than half of the others in that country having that well. The human body can adapt to less than perfect quality water much better than pure nothing. As we sometimes say, a fish prefers dirty water to clean air.

    1. You cringe . . . why? When you have no resources you learn to adapt, and make things work with what you have. The water the children drink will be no different than the water I drink. There are ingenious gravity fed water filters here that make the dirtiest water pure. They are porous stone/clay filters and the water drips through them to make the drinking water. You water the garden with water right out of the well. You wash with the unfiltered water. Brush your teeth with the filtered water. When you wash dishes you do a finish rinse in bleach. You bleach vegetables before eating. Dirty water, a simple water filter, and then a little bleach and you do fine.

    2. I'm with Larry on this. My background is also in water. Perhaps we're both just super sensitive. This has been a most interesting saga to follow.

  4. I am guessing that the first water out will be used to water the garden.
    I am to guess that you will put some thing around the well head to keep it from caving in. A barrier of some type to also keep some one or something from falling in. It would be a disaster if an large animal fell in and contaminated the new well.

    By the way, GOOG JOB Jacob

  5. Oh, you dirty rat you, making us wait until tomorrow!!

  6. PJM has been watching too much TV---making us wait for the big reveal. He is to be congratulated, though, for providing the resources to make this well possible.

  7. All's WELL, that ends
    Nice job PJM.


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