Friday, June 15, 2012

Black Children

Today's picture was taken around 1900, and it shows black children in front of a log cabin. While the children appear to be living in poverty, they do appear to be fairly healthy. Hopefully these children received the food they needed.


  1. That is something I have never seen before.
    The logs are not either notched or chincked.
    They look like a combination of stacked logs and boards nailed to them on the inside. Notice the big gap in the logs. If you look close you can see the vertical board (the boards look very wide)on the inside of the cabin.

  2. Love the front porch and love the eldest's smile.

  3. Great photo again and the children do look as if they were getting the necessary quantity of food.
    DADD, would a cabin be built in that way to save on the number of logs used or just because of poor building skills? I think it would be a kind of draughty abode.

    1. I don't know if the small logs are holding up the wall or the boards are holding the logs in place. But it looks strange to me.

  4. The kids look just fine.

  5. Dirt poor doesn't mean unhappy.
    As long as there was love in that cabin, all is well.
    And that was a strange looking construction process.
    I bet that cabin creaked like crazy on windy days.