Sunday, May 13, 2012

Woman Gardening

Today's picture is from 1940, and it shows a woman planting cabbage in her garden. The picture was taken in Pie Town, New Mexico.

There is sure something fun about gardening. Especially in the spring time when you are going out in the cool sunshine for the first time in a while, and you are planting all the things you are going to grow. I wish more people would discover the joy of gardening. There is just something satisfying about growing your own food.


  1. Yesterday Maybelline told us she grew boysenberries.
    I have a funny story about boysenberries.
    When I was 16 ( I started when I was 13, it was my Dads crew), I was on a custom combining crew working from Southern Kansas back up to North Dakota.
    Well anyway, we were in Nebraska and I was the lead machine opening up the field right next to a large creek. I noticed a fair sized tree with these very large dark purple berries on it. The combine was hitting them and making purple stains on it. I stopped and got on top of the combine and looked at them. They look so good, but I didn't know what they were, and was thinking maybe they might be poisonous. But I couldn't resist, so I picked a small pail full, to show the rest of the crew and try to find out what they were.
    I had the pail of them with me when we stopped for lunch with the whole crew (8 of us). We looked at them and nobody could decide what they were. Being the youngest one there I got talked into trying them out . Man they were great and I proceeded to eat a fair amount of them before the rest of the crew joined in.
    We had just about finished the pail off, when the farmer showed up. He came over and said "Oh, I see you found some boysenberries."
    Now when you have in the back of your mind the those berries may be poisonous, the word boysenberries sounds a like poison berry.
    Man you talk about getting green around the gills, but then the farmer assured us that they were good to eat.
    I do regret not going back and picking some more.

    1. DADD - Just picked some boysenberries and ate them in the garden this morning. Thanks for sharing the story.

  2. I love this site not only for the old pics which I usually find fascinating but also for the short tales from posters like DADD. I always seem to be picking up some sort of new knowledge on most visits, like today, I'd never heard of boysenberries before. (I'm from the UK and I never heard of them here.)
    Keep up your stalwart work PJM, and my best wishes to you, your family and all posters.

  3. "Planting Time" is always my favorite time of the year.
    Thanks Mr. PJM


  4. It's even more satisfying eating what you grow.

  5. The photo reminds me of an odd song we used to sing in French class, "Savez-vous platnez les choux?"


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