Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kiva Oven

Bread Week continues with this picture from 1939 near Taos, New Mexico. Believe it or not, there are still Mexican and Indian women in this area cooking bread like this in outdoor Kiva Ovens. They then sell it on the side of the road. Let me tell you, it is some of the best bread you have ever tasted. It is sold fresh out of the oven, and it is wonderful!


If my calculations are correct, right about now I will be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, on my way to Kitale, Kenya via London. By the miracle of modern electronics, I was able to write this post before I left, so you could still get your daily picture fix. I have pre-done several days worth, and hopefully I will begin publishing from Kitale, Live, within the next few days.


  1. So, this is why your post is so early on a Sunday.
    You should do it all the time so that us early bird have some thing to do when they get up on rainy days. The rain has been beating on my bedroom window for a couple of hours already, and it is those big drops.

    And again I want to thank you for gettiing away from a verification word posting.

  2. The Finnish word "kiva" means in English "nice" or "pretty good". Oven is the genitive from the word ovi - door.

    So if we say in Finnish "Kiva oven kahva" it is translated in English "A nice door handle".

  3. I am hungry for nice fresh, hot bread. I will have to make some. It will go well with some of that strawberry jam I just made.

  4. In local vernacular, these ovens are called Hornos. And yes - the bread is wonderful...

    From NM...


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