Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bread Baking

Welcome to Bread Week here at OPOD. We will be taking a journey through time and looking at bread making traditions throughout time. 

I will have to admit that bread is one of my all time favorite foods. Now, I am not talking about that white stuff they sell in plastic bags at grocery stores, but good, fresh home made bread. Bread is fun to make and nothing is better than the smell of bread cooking in your home. The aroma makes you feel like all is well. Hmm . . . think I might better go start a batch right now.

So, do you enjoy making bread? Do you enjoy eating good bread?


  1. I love a really good loaf of bread. You can buy really good bread at the store but it is expensive.

    I like to bake bread, but I generally don't, but at almost $4.00 a loaf for good bread, I am probably going to start making bread again.

    Summer is a bad time to bake bread or anything else around here because of the heat. I have a bread machine which doesn't heat up the house so much, but the bread machine is only a brainless machine and is completely reliant on very accurate measurements. Besides, I make better bread.

    I like the feel of the bread in my hands as I knead it and shape it. I, unlike the mindless bread machine, know if more flour or liquid is needed. I have been baking bread for so long, and bread baking is so forgiving, that I generally don't need a recipe. I, however, do use a recipe for speciality breads

  2. As a kid, one of my jobs was to knead the bread down when ever it needed it. Man that stuff could rise.
    The benefit of doing a good job of kneading was, I would get the first slice of the warm bread. We had a bread knife that had a gauge on it so that ever slice was the same size.
    Strange thing is that nothing tasted better than the heel of the loaf with jam on it. Now the heel is the last thing to go from a store bought loaf.

    HURRAY for bread week.

  3. Nothing is better than eating fresh baked bread right out of the oven! I agree that the he'll is the best part - with butter and jam! What is in the pan on the top shelf?

  4. My missus can cook anything to perfection. I can't stand those danged fast food joints or even worse those TV dinner concoctions. And if my dear missus ever placed a dish of that instant stuffing on my plate on Thanksgiving day 56 years of marriage would be out the door!!!!

    But the one thing my dear one cannot make is homemade bread. NOt that this woman has not tried it. Everybody's tallking about how to defeat Al Qaeda...well, I have a solution. Just forward the US Army a few dozen of my missus' homemade biscuits and fling em at em. THe war on terror would be over by sundown!!!!!

    Thankfully, theres a local bakery that makes danged good bread and biscuits...not as good as my dear departed Mom used to make in the trusty coal stove, but almost....

    You keep posting the pics young man and I'll keep lookin' at 'em.

  5. There is nothing better than freshly made, homemade bread. Unfortunately, bread increases mt girth in great proportion to the amount I eat!

    I still get my wife to fire up the bread maker and I forget about consequences and dig in with slightly warmed real butter spread lightly on it.

    The best part is, as pointed out by Dadd, the heal on the day after baking. The crust dries just a little and becomes somewhat tough and chuey and is full of flavor. I believe I might drool on my shirt if I go further......

  6. Well now I'm getting confused. Is the first slice off a loaf of bread called a heel, a heal, or a he'll?
    I see three different ways so far today
    I always thought is was called a heel.

    1. Woof. (I'm heeling...)

    2. My father-in-law always called the end of the bread the knuckle, never knew why, I still call it that today.

    3. I call the first and the last piece of a loaf of bread the "heal". So which is it?

  7. I am an awful bread baker but I LOVE bread.

  8. Last year I wrote a post (plus photos) of how traditional Greeks make a wedding bread, lavishly decorated, then throw it (instead of a bouquet) to the single girls. It was July 23rd on my blog "A Rolling Crone."

  9. I make bread--after a a hiatus of several years. I use a bread making machine that makes a standard-looking 1.5 or 2 lb loaf. The next best part is putting in about a dollar's worth of ingredients and getting a wonderful result. The BESTEST part is fiddling with the proportions and ingredients to make unique and different breads. I've added yoghurt, bananas, applesauce, whole grains, spices, olives, cheese... you name it! to the bread machine and enjoyed the results. Yet like Al, I have to be cautious about making it as it tends to add a few inches if I'm not careful. The sheep, goat and chickens love the extras though!

  10. I used to make all of our bread by hand. We raised four children, but my job was pure Hell and I'd come home and beat people up, making bread. Now, it's just the two of us, and I do use the bread machine, but I remove the dough after the second kneading and bake it in regular pans - I don't like the hole in the bottom of the loaf. I just took two loaves of dill and onion bread out of the oven about fifteen minutes ago.

    I never did like the heel. I wanted "bread on both sides", thank you. My grandfather agreed - the heel was for the chickens.

  11. My son has gotten very good at baking bread.
    So, we needed a bread slicer and I made for my wife's birthday last week.

    Nothing like fresh bread.


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