Thursday, April 5, 2012

Simple yet Elegant

I consider this to be one of the more attractive outfits we have examined this week. It is simple, yet elegant. The hat is not overdone, and the skirt is modest and simple


  1. it is quite lovely in its simplicity. the fabric of the blouse gives it a floaty quality. thanks for saying something complimentary today. :)
    -a student

  2. The ladies have gotten a bad rap this week! That was the style of that era, they "thought" they looked good. Take a look at our fashion trends of today....women look ridiculous with their fish lips, inflated boobs and hookerish clothes....they "think" they look good too! Just sayin!

  3. She looks very nice.

    The ladies in the other photos were probably dressed to show off the latest designer fashions or were at some kind of dress up event. This lady looks like she is wearing normal clothing.

    Fad clothing is always more extreme than normal daily wear.

  4. It looks good except the hat. The hat gives a kind of unwelcome tom sawyer vibe to the whole thing.
    Like the skirt bunches though.

  5. I love this look and would probably wear it today!! Love the hat. This has been a god week and I love all the fashions. Love the skirt and the blouse is perfect. lam IL

  6. I meant good week but I guess it is a God week too. lam IL