Monday, April 2, 2012


Today's picture is from 1922, and shows a young woman in the clothes of the day. You can see that Fur was a popular trim, and her hat and collar are fur and her boots are trimmed in fur. I would guess once you put on a hat like that you would pretty much need to wear it all day, as I would think the hair would be a mess once it was taken off.


Thank you all for the continued questions and concerns over the lovely Ms. EAM. She continues to improve slowly day by day. She still has a ways to go to get back to full strength and health. She is eager to get back to her work in Africa, but we need her fully up to speed before allowing her to go back over.


  1. I am glad the lovely Miss EAM is improving.

    Taking off a hat like that does tend to mess up the hair, but if the hair is in a simple style and care is used in removing the hat, the damage done is not so bad that it can't be smoothed down with the hands.

    I remember having boots with buckles like that.

  2. Unlike the previous two days, this woman looks happy-ish.

  3. I like the roaring twenties, flapper look. I see some of the old footage of people doing the charleston and the women have on those dresses with the tassels flying everywhere. I'll bet the parents and grandparents were shocked seeing the younger generation jumping around doing the charleston with dresses that came up to the knee. I don't know anything about fashion but it seems that the 20's started the trend of shorter hem lines?

  4. Glad to hear EAM is feeling some better. Malaria is nothing to fool with.

    Would be interesting to be around 90 years from now when someone is looking at the fashions of the early 21st century. What do you think they would say???

    Guess I won't care...that would make me 158 - I don't expect to be here.

  5. Very glad to hear the lovely Miss EAM is doing better.

    The lady in today's post has what I'd call the nicest smile of any lady seen so far in this series.

  6. she is an attractive young lady, done up in the latest fashion. No wonder she's smiling.


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