Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Feathered Hat

As I have mentioned before, I like simple, elegant, practical styles. This get up fails on all three accounts. Again, it looks like an overdone drapery. It also looks a little like she has draped a Persian Rug over her shoulders. The hat looks like it would definitely mess up the hair, and the feather creates a nice sail, so the wind will easily blow the hat off.


  1. She is rather lovely even if the outfit is impractical.
    Perhaps the feathers are quill pens kept close at hand.
    Perhaps I am a robot.

  2. I am finding the photos this week a bit over the top, also. I suppose these outfits were the norm in some circles, but the pictures I have seen of my great-grandmother during the twenties don't compare to the ones I have seen on here.
    They are very interesting and I love seeing them. But, I am certainly glad women aren't dressing like this now - although there are many out there who could stand a lesson in modesty when it comes to choosing a wardrobe.

  3. Hats are a very practical item that have really taken a pounding in the modern era, largely, experts claim, due to automobiles. At one time it was regarded as vulgar to leave the house without a hat, and it's a shame the extent to which real hats (as opposed to caps) have declined, as they're really so useful.

    Having said that, it's really hard to figure out what was inspiring women's hats of the late Victorian age up through the Roaring Twenties. Practicality obviously wasn't it. A lot of those hats are just downright weird.

  4. She can use that hat to feather dust the high, hard to reach places. Speaking of hats I always look forward to seeing the interesting bonnets worn by the ladies on Easter morning. Seems like there aren't as many as once was but I appreciate the women that keep up the tradition. Glad to hear that EAM is getting stronger every day.

  5. Is this truly a pic from the 1920s? It looks more like fashion from the 19teens to me

  6. pretty clear on the fact that you dislike this fashion era...but some happen to like it for many reasons. there was a tremendous amount of artistry and expression in these quite costume-y outfits, and the fabrics and beading are unrivaled today. perhaps you could find one positive thing to say???
    -a student of fashion history.
    ps. so glad to hear the news about your daughter


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