Saturday, March 3, 2012

Woman with Umbrella

Welcome to Umbrella Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at this fashion accessory in use over the last hundred or so years. Today's photograph was taken in 1912, and was used as a sign at a movie theater to remind folks to not forget things at the theater.


  1. What a lovely picture. I wonder why they added 'and your other packages'. When I was young, my grandmother would buy me a new umbrella almost every year. Almost always red.
    Have a good day

  2. During both World Wars the government would encourage "Heatless Days", along with "Meatless Days", so the fuel and meat could go to the war effort. Many people went to the movies on heatless days. The theaters tended to be warm because of all the body heat. You'd go shopping and then go to the movies until it was late enough to go home, fix supper and go to bed.

  3. It is a pretty picture, nice clothes but the shoes look rather uncomfortable.

    I have always liked umbrellas but the funny thing is I almost never use them.

  4. Umbrellas!!! What a great and clever topic for old pictures!

  5. When it rains here in the desert, we are mostly on our own -- if we own an umbrella, we probably can't find it -- if we do find it, it is probably busted.

    I drove across the country a couple of times, and found it strange to see men and women in business attire, walking the streets with a folded up umbrella in their hands.


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