Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Woman in Boat

Today's picture was taken in 1915, and shows a woman with an umbrella in a boat. She is dangling her hand in the water. It is a very peaceful picture. I really enjoy lazy days on the river in a small boat.

Thank you for all the kind messages and prayers for the Lovely Ms. EAM. She was able to actually go out yesterday, the first time in about a month. I am hopeful she will be able to get back on the job shortly. I sometimes wonder if much of the poverty in Africa might be able to be traced back to Malaria. When so many people are so sick so much or the time, it is very hard to have the energy to go out and build factories or invent things.


  1. It is a beautiful, peaceful scene.

    What is that object on the other seat? A pillow, a loaf of bread, a cake?

    It is too bad DDT was banned. DDT is the reason the US does not have serious mosquito borne diseases.

    I have read that the research that was cited for the DDT ban was deliberately fabricated and that the problem the birds were having with their eggs was from heavy metal poisoning.

    I'm glad your daughter is improving.

  2. Myrtle is right about the banning of DDT. Malaria is the scourge of the missionaries in Africa as well as the local people. I've never read anything about a vaccine and I wonder if anyone knows if a vaccine would be effective?

  3. Engat nputheivGood news about your daughter. Hope she gets completely well soon. The photo today is lovely and don't we all wish we could be doing the same today. lam IL

  4. So glad to hear your daughter is getting better. I will continue praying for complete recovery. Lovely scene.

  5. That is a beautiful picture. The clarity of it is remarkable. Wonder what kind of camera was used?

  6. Myrtle - it looks like the object on the other seat is a fancy hat.

  7. Unfortunately, malaria is caused by a parasite rather than a virus, so there is no vaccine. The best "cure" is prevention - pouring oil (even cooking oil) on puddles to keep mosquitoes from breeding, using netting and window screens, and so forth. The idea that malaria leaves the population too weak to do anything certainly makes sense.


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