Thursday, March 15, 2012

Small Couple

We kick off Giant Week today with this picture of a couple standing next to a 12 foot giant. Just kidding . . . had to beat the Evil Nate Mass to the joke. No, this is a normal sized man standing next to a small couple. The picture was taken in 1924, but I could not find the names of the people. I do notice that there appears to be a half smoked cigar on the steps in front of them . . . wonder which one of them threw out their cigar before they snapped the picture.


  1. You do come up with the most interesting photos. I presume the circus provided them with a decent living. Does anyone know how little people earn a living now that the circus is thought of as "exploiting" them? I've never seen any info on this.

  2. I'm guessing this is Baby Face Nelson and wife being fingered for cigar littering... by the long arm of the law!

    Or an public service campaign about how smoking stunts your growth.

  3. Looks like there might be a cigarette at the little man's feet.

  4. OH! That is so mean, Nate Maas.


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