Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pygopagus Twins

Today's picture is from about 1920, and it shows twin boys on a small pedal car. The boys are Pygopagus Twins, or conjoined, facing opposite directions. This is a very rare condition. Today, they always try and separate conjoined twins but back in the day, they just figured out how to live with it.  


  1. Were they in the circus?

    People like this show the "I can do spirit" we Americans are known for."

    The word 'American" ends with the two words "I can."

    We are a proud, free, and happy people.

  2. They look very healthy. Maybe we get too far ahead of ourselves sometimes and try to fix things that aren't broke!

  3. This is a photo of the Filipino Godina brothers, Lucio and Simplicio. They married the identical twin Matos sisters, Natividad and Victoria. They were famous for playing in an orchestra at Coney Island and for a bit they did where they danced together with their twin wives. Lucio died at age 28 and doctors separated Simplicio from his dead brother, but he died himself a couple weeks later.

  4. What a sad story!

    Thanks, Nate for the info.

    They are both nicely dressed, like most of the folks in old photos. Maybe we need an Old Slobs week.


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