Thursday, March 1, 2012

Old Cafe

This is an interesting picture of an old Cafe taken in 1939. It is in Robstown, Texas. There is lots of interesting detail if you zoom in on the picture. The buildings serves as both a Mexican Cafe, and a grocery store.


  1. I like the giant RC cola bottles and baskets of produce.

  2. I"ll bet those RC cola signs will bring a lot of money today . that old stuff is disappearing fast .

  3. I had forgotten about RC Cola. I wonder if they still make it. This is another interesting week of photos. Thanks for all your work. I know you must be very distracted right now. Our prayers are for a complete recovery for Elizabeth.

  4. Dadd: You can try commenting again. The two verification words are not as difficult right now.

  5. To start with,
    Yes, they still make RC Cola.
    It is a Southern drink though. The first time I saw and tasted RC was when we were in Kansas custom combining. I'm a Coke drinker, but could not find Coke in Kansas when we were there. RC was a fairy decent cola, a lot better than Pepsi, but not as good as Coke. But you see the largest sign are Coke signs.

    That should start some battles.

    Now I see that some of the letters are upper case and some are lower case. I suppose it is going to make a difference if I make them all lower case

  6. Testing my idea of all lower case. If this goes through then all lower case works

  7. I have some RC in my fridge right now. I bought it because it was cheap and coke wasn't on sale.

    Hey! I thought this was diner week, not cafe week??? What's up with that?

    Just think, some of the kids growing up today are going to think these are the good old days in a few years.

    Amazing! Simply amazing!

  8. I very much like the pictures this week. I think Coca Cola has become a stable in North America.
    I am sending positive vibes to your lovely daughter.

  9. Here is a cut & paste from Nate's Nonsense:
    DADD said...

    That clicking on the circle arrow only works one time.
    I find it is not worth the trouble to post on his site anymore.
    I went through the effort this morning because it seemed I was being missed. But when I have to try 4 or more times, I dive up.

    How about this, I will post on your site and you can repost it on PJM's site?

    February 29, 2012 2:29 PM

  10. I wish I could get out of my car, walk up the steps and walk back in time. I want to pick up the fruit in the basket, look closely at the signs AND I especially want to get inside this store/cafe/diner and see what other interesting things I can find. I am enjoying this week even tho I don't always have time to post. Thanks for making the effort . . . e v e r y s i n g l e d a y ! ! !

  11. I heard that RC makes more cola than any other company as they manufacture all the store brand colas. Not sure if that is acurate or not. but I do love RC!

  12. mmm RobsTown. Sounds like my kind of town :-).

    I just read your daughter is still ill, I hope she'll recover soon.

  13. This is a wonderful post and photograph -- one of the best you've ever put up. I really enjoyed spending some time over it, looking a the detail. Good old RC (Royal Crown). Thanks so much for keeping on with this blog. Charlie

  14. Hi i know im a little( a lot) late but i have to do a report on an old cafe and i have to say how they would heat it. does anyone know how they would heat this place? thanks


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