Friday, March 9, 2012

First Day of School

Today's picture was taken in 1905, and shows two children under an umbrella. The boy is wearing a sailor suit, and the girl a fancy dress and hat. The picture is labeled "First Day of School". It looks to be some sort of advertising or promotional material.


  1. Yeah, just try and get a kid to look like that today!!! ;)

  2. They are cute.
    I have a pattern for a dress like that but not so wide in the shoulders. I never made it. My daughter who was eight or nine refused to wear it.

  3. There is something charming about how children were dressed back then.

  4. Can you believe the hat on the boy? I have always been fascinated by the hats folks used to wear in the "good old days".

    Think tri-corner hats, 10 gallon, berets, fedoras, sailors caps, etc. Some of them were pretty functional, keeping sun, rain off...others not so much.

  5. bs-My little one dresses like this every day! In fact, he has an outfit that is very similar to the boy's suit in this picture. Here are some pictures of him that I've just posted on my blog:


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