Sunday, March 25, 2012

Collecting Sap

Today's picture is from 1940 and was taken in Vermont. It shows a man hanging a bucket on a tree to collect  maple sap to make syrup with. This farmer has 400 acres, and can make $1,000 per year from selling syrup. The question is, how much would that be in today's terms? Well, in 1940 the average car cost $850, so he made enough to buy a car and have some left over. So, I would estimate that would be like making about $30,000 today.


  1. Hello, Mr. PJM,

    According to two web CPI calculators, $1,000 in 1940 would be $16,261.64 today.

    Thank you for the update on Ms. EAM. We pray for her return to health.

  2. MY B-I-L still uses pails exactly like these...he also uses large plastic vats with tubing, but many trees have these same buckets hung from the taps. I think he uses about 600 buckets.

  3. i love ur blog and i m a big fan of urs..keep up the good work.. god bless ya...

  4. Inflation, everyone's best friend.

  5. What PJM forgot to take into consideration on the price of the car for inflation was, now they have heater/air conditioners, radios/CD players, adjustable seats, windows all the way around, starters and a lot other niceties that a modern car has.

    How long was EAM's contract in Africa ?

    Here I am braving the dreaded Verifi again


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