Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Barnum's Circus

It appears that a well proportioned small person could always find reasonably good work with P. T. Barnum. The picture above is from about 1910, and it shows a small person in the Circus Arena. By this time Barnum himself was gone, but his tradition of employing small people lived on.


  1. I liked the scenes in the movie the Court Jester that had the short people dancing with Danny Kaye. The fight scene was pretty good to.

    How is the lovely Miss EAM doing?

  2. Not too much to comment about in todays picture but Myrtle got me thinking. One of my favorites is Mickey (Danny Woodburn) from Seinfeld. He was Kramers buddy in a few episodes. Very funny guy.

  3. Love these older memories of a bygone era! Keep em coming? Ray C.

  4. I like the Munchkins from Wizard of Oz. I read somewhere that they were pretty raunchy when not filming. I think it was an interview with Judy Garland.


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