Monday, February 20, 2012

Unloading Oysters

This is one of those pictures worth clicking on to take in all the interesting detail. It is from 1905, and shows an Oyster Barge being unloaded in Baltimore, Maryland. Wow, I like everything about this picture. I like how people dressed nicely, and acted cordially. As I mentioned before, all this "gangsta" dress and talk is disturbing to me. When did we all suddenly want to be thugs?


Have not heard from the lovely Ms. EAM since yesterday, but am still hopeful she will get out of hospital today. In the message yesterday I mentioned that while in the hospital, she had to fight off monkeys trying to get her food, which consisted of a big ball of Ugale. Some messaged me privately and indicated that perhaps the lovely Ms. EAM was hallucinating as a result of the malaria mediation, and that even in a third world hospital surely you would not have to fight with monkeys over your food. Well, here is a picture of the actual monkey in her actual room.


  1. So sorry to hear that EAM is in the hospital. I hope she gets better really soon. I'm shocked to hear about the monkeys in the hospital. I'm sure the hospital staff does the best they can with what they have but there has to be someway to keep the monkeys out. EAM is so brave. Make sure to let us know when she is out.

  2. PJM

    Thank you for this blog. I do not mind typing the words. It,s not an imposition to prove I'm not a robot.

    I enjoy history, and pictures are a snapshot of a split second in history.

    Thank you for your time and work with this site.

  3. I just love your blog - the history in pictures that you present is just fascinating.
    Today's picture is most interesting and I agree with your comment about the way people dressed in those days. I especially like that, even the little boy is dressed appropriately. How nice it would be to see young people dress in such a manner these days.
    Keep up the great blog.

  4. You are the father of a very brave young woman. I admire her courage and love of others. May God watch over her.

  5. We continue our prayers for the lovely Ms. EAM, you and your family. I hope you hear from her soon

  6. I'm sorry to hear about you daughter - I hope she is well soon.

    Interesting picture. I wonder if it was shot to commemorate the opening of a new business or boat?


  7. This is not a baboon - thank goodness, but a langur macaque which are not as aggressive. They are quite villainous, however, and not something you want to tangle with.


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