Monday, February 13, 2012

Shucking Corn

1939 must have been a bumper year for corn in North Carolina, because I have found lots of great corn shucking photographs, all with big piles of corn. It actually looks like these men are having a good time.


  1. They are just thinking how much moon shine they can make with all that corn.

  2. It looks like they are listening to what the fellow off stage to the left is saying.
    I wonder how many acres of corn these guys planted.
    Here in southern Maryland, we had our first taste of winter weather yesterday- a dusting of snow, 35 degrees for a high and nasty, biting, howling winds. I hope spring returns soon.

  3. These guys look like they came straight from Mayberry!!

    Cold few days here in SW FL, 46 on the way in this morning!! I don't mind...get to use my heated seats!

  4. I like corn.
    I am happy to hear that was a bumper crop of corn.

  5. Not sure about the stacks of stalks in yesterday's photo, I am (much the pity) too citified, but I think maybe they are destined to become silage. I think I'd be happy too, if I could talk with my buddies while working like I bet these guys are doing.

  6. I'm a city girl. However, I think a nice fresh ear of corn goes with anything else one might eat. So, I envy those guys, just a little.


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