Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oyster Industry

OK, this week we are going to be looking at the Oyster Industry, and we start with this picture from about 1912. It shows a young man, Henry, who works shucking oysters. He works before school, after school, and on the weekend to try and help support his family. This week we will be looking at all types of great pictures of the Oyster business from around 1900.

Now, I am hearing the growing grumbling about the new, harder word verifications for comments. Let me explain the dilemma I face. This blog gets about 10,000 visitors a day. That is big enough that it is the target of a large number of automated spammers. Many of these spammers have large operations targeting blogs with computer generated comments. Many of these comments include links to porn sites, illegal download sites, and nefarious casino and gambling operations. If I allow comments without word verification, a number of these comments would end up polluting the comments section each day. So, we are faced with three choices, none of which are very good.

1) I turn off word verification, but manually review and approve each comment before it appears on the site. I would not be able to review comments during the day, so the blog would have no comments show up during the day, and then they would all show up in the evening when I got home to review and approve them. With this choice, any interaction between you all would be removed, and when you checked the blog during the day, you would not be able to enjoy each others comments.

2) I turn off word verification, and allow comments to be posted without review. Unfortunately, with this option during the day spam messages like the ones described above would show up. Yes, I could delete them in the evening, but they would be there throughout the day. My top priority here is to maintain a family friendly site, so I simply can not consider this choice as it would have inappropriate material show up in the comments during the day. 

3) Choice three is the option we now have . . . comments appear without review, but word verification is required to post.

So, I wish I had a better solution but simply do not see it at this time.


  1. John Walkenback had an elegant solution. Instead of fuzzy captchas he posed a problem requiring a solution. For instance 'Once a week is how many times a year?' or ' What color are leaves in fall?'

  2. Where in the country was Henry working? We have a big oyster industry here on Cape Cod. The word verification is ok just need to look a little closer at the words. Saves your blog from the spammers, Sue's idea is great if it can be done.

  3. don't need a bunch of spam cluttering up the comments.

    I guess I'll put up with the non-robot proof.

    This young man's pants look like they are helping him shuck his oysters!

  4. So, ok with the "Please prove you're not a robot" word verification.

    Please just consider that when you consider an embargo for lack of comments.

    I also haven't seen comments lately from DADD, he seemed to revel if he got a short word for verification, heh.

  5. Ah for simpler times when the moral climate was set higher and we were a God fearing nation.

  6. I don't see the Major problem with word verification. It's a minor inconvenience. Better than going on a plane.
    You have a great site that many view and read, but may not comment. Nonetheless it is something to look forward to every day.
    Now to post this I have to take off my glasses, but, I don't mind.

  7. Keep the site clean. The word check is simply a minor distraction compared to the result if it is not used.

  8. i have been with this site for many years and it is a great start to my boring day , who really cares about typing a few letters to keep the site spam free if you dont like it simply dont reply . remember if you dont like whats on tv you can change the channel. with that said P.J.M please keep the pics coming because they are great and are timeless reminders of our past. (as close to a time machine as we will get).

  9. Maybe DADD can get special privileges to post by email?

  10. It's not a problem to go through the word verification. I understand the reason you cite. Thanks for posting the photos for us all to see....

  11. Our local small town paper has things like this to verify that comments aren't spma:
    Roses are _____, violets are blue.

    Our flag is red, white, and ____.

    April showers bring _____ flowers.

    Twinkle, twinkle, little ____.

    It might even be fun to think up a new one each week.


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