Friday, February 24, 2012

Oyster Bar

We wrap up Oyster week with this picture. All week we have seen pictures of catching, cleaning, and transporting oysters, and we wrap things up with this picture of an Oyster Bar. The picture was taken around 1900. I love the fancy dresses the women are wearing.


  1. They are dressed nicely, so are the men in the background. In fact everything in the photo is nice and neat and orderly.

    How is the lovely Miss EAM?

  2. Thanks PJM for the old pictures about oyster harvesting. I don't eat the slimy things but I always wondered how they went about gathering in the old days before commercial farming. The photo with the two men with giant tongs was an interesting one.

    I went on an oyster hunt or whatever it's called in South-West Florida and documented it on my blog:

  3. Myrtle,
    The Lovely Ms. EAM is still having a rough time. The Malaria medicine makes you feel real bad, and she is getting down from being so sick for so long. She had a rough day yesterday and today, and is sick of being sick. So, I try to keep her encouraged, and let he know that she will feel better, and just needs to focus on rest.

  4. I have eaten Oysters on the half shell, at the time, I thought they were pretty good. I don't plan on eating any more.

    My dad always made Oyster soup on New Years Eve...I still like it.

    Best wishes for EAM - Malaria is nothing to fool around with!

  5. My great-grandfather owned a German restaurant in Baltimore from the 1890s until the Depression. I still have the mirror that hung over the bar, and the bowl that held the raw oysters for the free lunch. I use it as a punch bowl.

  6. Hey PJM: Howzitgoin? I would like to stop in to the Oyster Bar just to look around but might not order any oysters. Maybe put a quarter in the music box. You mentioned focus on rest. I recently thought that the phrase Rest Of Your Life would be a good phrase for a mattress company. Thanks, Johnnny


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