Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Junction Texas

Today's picture was taken at a Diner in Junction, Texas in 1940. I like the picture because it reminds me of the way things looked in the 1960's when I grew up. In particular, the cowboy hats worn by ranchers and cowboys. Much dressier, and not the movie image you have of cowboy hats. They are definitely Stetsons, just not made for movie Stetsons.


  1. Looks like they have congregated to discuss the topics of the day.

    That is a very interesting place with its balcony and all.

    Retired folks meet at the local Mc Donald's around here to talk and socialise.

    I am about your age, PJM, but I don't remember people wearing hats very much when I was a kid, although my Grandfather generally wore one when he went out. Probably because I mostly grew up on the east coast.

    People did dress nicely however and their children behaved in public.

    Nobody cursed or swore in public or around women or children back then, either.

  2. Living back east, in one of those post WWII burbs, most men wore hats, but being back east they were fedoras, sort of like east coast stetsons. They also wore suits, ties, and always slacks. i dont think my dad ever owned a pair of blue jeans, or dungarees as they were also called. He did all his outside flower and shrub planting in dress slacks no longer in custom. Today we would call them dockers.

    But what I do remember and did not like was the cigarette smoke. Thick enough to hide an elephant. Thank heavens they dont allow that any more. Yeah, my dad died from lung cancer.

  3. My first job after we moved to the city, was behind a counter like this. It was at a Skillerns Drug/Dept. store. Besides sodas, sundaes & shakes, we served breakfast & lunch.

  4. I can clearly remember the counter at the local drugstore in Henderson, NV. They hired an oriental cook and everyone went there because the food was so good. This was about 1950 and the drugstore was the only place in town to "eat out."

    Then they started selling whole pies and this new "fad" was very popular. Then it was discovered how he got such nice results with his meringue pies -- he spued water out of his mouth over the pie before putting it into the oven. End of fad. (At least that was the rumor at the time!)

  5. The fella in the center (left) with a cigarette is seated strangely. I'm trying to figure out what appendages belong to him.

  6. I agree with Larry - my dad never owned a pair of dungarees, and he would not go outside the house wearing just his undershirt. (Wife beaters, I think they call them now, although my dad was the gentlest of men.) He even wore an old short-sleeved shirt to mow the lawn.

    And cigarettes! How accustomed we were to them! My dad smoked a pipe, which I find much less offensive than the odor of cigarettes, and cigars, which are PEW-EE! We were at a restaurant one night, and he took a good look at his ciger, announced he "wasn't supporting that man any more" (Castro), ground it out, and that was the end of his smoking!

  7. Gotta love the guy in the center taking two seats.


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