Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dogs Watching Over Woman

Today's picture was taken in 1903 and it shows three dogs watching over an ill woman. This is another pretty obvious staged scene from this era. I am not sure what point that they are trying to convey . . . maybe that dogs are loyal companions?


  1. If they are like my dogs, they want her food.

    55 degrees an hour before sun rise, going up to the upper 60's with a good possibility of rain in southern Maryland.

  2. Are you ready for another story about Peggy? We were out in a field and she was working the ground hard when she went into a point. I got up behind her and told her "Flush Peggy". She went forward and nothing came up, but she held the point. So I told her again "Flush Peggy", and she went forward some more. But still no bird broke cover. So I said to her "What's the matter Peggy did one of them fool you." She looked up at me then reached down into the matted down grass and grab that pheasant by it's back and pulled it out. I had a heck of a time getting her to let it go so it would fly and I could shoot it on the wing. When she retrieved it she gave me a look like "How dare you question my ability". I never even tried to second guess her after that. It was funny now that I think about it, she never tracked or flushed any thing but roosters.

  3. 22 above on its way to 33 above here in Grand Forks ND.
    10 inches of snow fall, campared to 34 inches last year. Hey that is 2 feet less snow this winter

  4. Love Dogs!!! Please look into the famous USPS dog Owney!! He's in the Smithsonian and featured on a postage stamp.

  5. If I can read the dog body language correctly (and dogs are certified experts at using body language) all three are either expecting to be fed or walked. I think if they were watching over her, they would be looking at the cameraman (artist?)


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