Sunday, February 26, 2012


This photograph shows the exterior of the Diner that we showed the interior of yesterday. From the sign, you can see it is the White Crystal Diner. To me, it is sort of sad how today everything looks the same. Strip mall after strip mall with the same old stores that look the same old way. Back in the day, each store, diner, or shop was a unique expression of the owner's personality, interests, or preferences. Hence, life was interesting, as you would never know what you might find. Today we have Walmart, McDonald's, and Starbucks. I really miss the old system of unique owner operated businesses. 


  1. Kinda looks like a White Castle establishment. Wonder if they were somehow connected...???

    When we travel we always try to find interesting places to eat...don't mind the chain stores, but we do try to find something we don't have locally.

    I love the old diners. Have been to several and the food is usually very good. Probably all that transfat, butter, and other goodies they use in their cooking.

  2. Interesting idea, Michael. The South has Krystal fast food restaurants that are much like the Midwestern White Castle (tiny square hamburgers in both).

    I agree PJM, the saddest thing about modern America is the lack of unique establishments. Even the regional chains are starting to disappear.

    I very much loved how businesses used to reflect the character of the owner and their likes and dislikes.

  3. I agree. The sameness of restaurants is sad.

    Where I live there are very few individual restaurants, and most of them are in the rather expensive category, like thirty dollars a meal per person.

    I have never been in one of them, but the exteriors are beautiful- old Victorian or Edwardian houses converted into restaurants.

    I hope your daughter is getting better.

  4. Not only do I miss the individual look of businesses, but I miss that the owners where your friends and neighbors, maybe their kids were in your class, you attended the same church. Those same owners were patrons of your business as well. And the saddest of all is that local businesses/owners have been entirely squeezed off the playing field by giant corporations. A man can't start his own business and enjoy any part of "the American Dream" nor enjoy a feeling of self=satisfaction in his accomplishments!

  5. There's a term for the sameness of everything, generica. I think it has made life less interesting. Especially when it comes to unique architecture.


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