Friday, February 17, 2012

Corn Husking

We wrap up our corn harvest week with this one last picture of a Corn Shucking. I have to admit I have enjoyed looking at all this corn this week. 

I was with some friends this week and the topic of Genetically Modified Corn came up. Of course, most people are against these genetically engineered strains. One guy actually works for one of the huge seed companies, and he said that the world was totally dependent on Genetically Engineered Corn, and if we suddenly had to go back to plain old fashioned corn seed, there would be massive and widespread famine. This is because not only do we eat corn, but the other things we eat (chickens, cows, pigs, etc) eat corn. That we have gone past the point of no return on these seeds. Sort of scary that we have gotten to this point.


  1. GMO's ..and what happens when a blight, microb, insect(s), or some other organism evolves to overcome the GMO's? Also 3 Monsanto corn types were linked to multi organ damage in mammals, liver, kidney, heart adrenal glands and others. Mon 863, Mon 810, Roundup NK603. It also has been linked to the decline of pollinators. I am not a fan of GMO's and would rather raise my own or pay a little more for a safe food source.

  2. Aw shucks, I've enjoyed this corny week.

  3. PJM--Here is a post from another blog I read every day, and it concerns the new word verification system that bloger has imposed:

    Blogger now has a very complicated word verification system. I do not use the word verification. Blogger has a decent spam catcher and very few spam comments get through. If you use word verification on your blog you may be getting less comments from now on. It is a very frustrating system..the words are all wavy and have crazy numbers..often times it takes two or three tries to get it right…it is in my opinion a waste of time. If you are afraid of spam then enable comment approval. I have comment approval enabled on posts over three days old. To change your settings go to your Dashboard then Settings then Comments:)

    So, PJM, if your comments drop off, that is most likely the problem. It is getting to be a real pain to get past the second word anymore.

    I am now on the 4th try. I think I can actually read this one.

  4. Life is complecaded enough for old people. No more comments from me. I think I am now on the 5th try. If I can manage to get this through it will be my last. So long, it's been good to know you.

  5. I just got rid of the comment word verification on my blogs thanks to this discussion. It was bad before, but now it is worse (with the two words instead of one, and so difficult to read). Thanks, Johnnny

  6. Corn is one of my favourite vegetables.

    Corn is also used to make ethanol which is put in gas. This not only corrodes the engines due to the small but difficult and expensive to remove amount water present in the ethanol, but makes gas more expensive.
    This also makes food and everything else more expensive because of increased transportation costs.

    Food is also more expensive because of all the acres used to grow ethanol for gas instead of food for human and animal consumption.

    Gasahol didn't work under Jimmy Carter and it is not working for us either.

    The new word verification is very difficult to read. Let's hope I can get it on the first try.
    Well, they didn't match. Was it I or l?

  7. Well, I might as well chime in...I have had many problems in the past getting past the word verification, and now it is even worse. I think I can read my word below, but I am not sure so I will copy this first. Maybe I will only have to type it once.

    Corn shucking week has been great! I can't imagine sitting in front of a pile of corn like these folks have had, and know that I am not done until the pile is gone....sheesh! I never would have made it as a pioneer.

  8. I agree....Leaving a comment just got too difficult. I have used it 3 times & typing the 2nd word wasn't necessary, but it is the first word that's Indecipherable.

  9. I'll bet only the robots can read the word verification. I didn't think that I'd like corn shucking week but I was pleasantly surprised. Just like oprea week, I didn't think I'd like that either but I had alot of fun with that one too. Good job PJM, Have a nice weekend all.

  10. GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) food and these word verifications (Please prove you're not a robot) are very much the same - but suck.

    Shucking corn was fun, but commenting isn't. I see an embargo coming.

  11. I think it's a stretch to say we are dependent on GMO corn, but it is a fact that the rootworm (which is a very much a threat to corn crops) is starting to become resistent to the GMO corn defense (basically the corn produces its own insecticide).

    So it may turn out that GMO has only made the problem worse. But that's usually the case when Man meddles with genetics.


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