Monday, February 6, 2012

Churning Butter

Domestic Activities Week continues here at OPOD with this picture of a woman churning butter. The picture was taken in 1897. Love the little kitten trying to get anything that splashes up. Now for the question . . . have any of you churned butter before? I have never used a butter churn, but you can buy whole cream in the grocery store. If you get some and shake the carton real good butter will start forming. At first it is like little flakes of butter falling out of the cream, but as you continue to shake, it starts forming a glob. I never got beyond pulling the glob out and showing I had made butter. I am not sure what you do with the liquid you have left after turning the cream into butter.


  1. I wonder what she is reading.

    I have never churned butter but I have made it by the shake in the jar method like you did. The liquid left over is buttermilk.

    I make my own whipped cream at home with the whisk attachment on my mixer, and if I'm not careful butter results.

    I like the kitten, too.

    Mid 20's going up to the mid 50's here in Southern Maryland.

  2. Besides washing clothes on a washboard I used to churned butter when we lived in MN & got our milk straight from a dairy. I used a big glass jar with paddles. Healthier butter can be made by putting equal parts of real butter & canola oil through a blender. It stays soft in the fridge & tastes delicious. Now Land O Lakes saves me the mess & sells it as 'Light Butter'.

  3. Yes, I have churned butter. My grandmother had a churn and about 3 time a week she churned butter. The ice cold buttermilk afterwords was delicious, not like what you get today. She also had butter molds with pretty designs, to mold the butter.
    I've also used the big jar to make butter.

  4. Everyone says "Traditional Buttermilk"- the liquid left over after butter is made was better than today's "Cultured Buttermilk." Well - no wonder!!

    Cultured Buttermilk is "inoculated with a culture of lactic acid bacteria to simulate the naturally occurring bacteria in the old-fashioned product."

    Good Grief - INOCULATED!!!!

    How funny! No wonder I don't like the stuff!

  5. Yes I have churned butter. There were five of us kids and everyday it was someone's turn to churn. My Mom would finish it and form it into one pound cubes and then freeze it. We never bought butter or cheese or milk from the store. We also had our own beef, pork, chickens and eggs. You probably think it was a long time ago, but it was in the 70's and 80's and even 90's!!

  6. My Mom used to churn butter back in the day. And since we had no girls in our family of eight, Mom did all of the housework. But you never heard her complain about it!!!
    Women have it too easy today, what with their "careers" and dropping the kids off at the daycare center each morning and pickin them up at night. Then they go home and throw in the laundry, pop in some TV dinners and that's their day. Most of the husbands end up washing the floors and the rest.
    Whatever happened to the old school values????
    Talk about churning butter, my Mom used to make homemade Ice cream!!!! BOy, that was great, i can still taste it in my mind!!!!

    All the kids today are heavy because they eat all of these sodium laden foods and nothing homemade. Then they sit and play on their computers instead of going outside to play catch.. Dang!!!

    IF we could return to the old ways, this country would be a lot better off!!!
    You keep posting the pics young man and I'll keep reading em!

  7. She obviously didn't mind the kitten getting it's licks in - cute.
    Where is D.A.D.D. these days?

  8. I have churned butter in a glass jar with a paddle, and have also used our electric mixer to make butter.

    Last week I made strawberry ice cream - just pureed berries, milk, sugar and whipped cream. Delicious! And so easy. I've done it using a hand-cranked machine, but putting it in the electric one is a LOT faster and easier. If any MEN (not to mention any names) want to come turn the crank, they are welcome to do so, but I'll use the mixer, thank you!

  9. thanks for sharing the nice photos, this one reminds me of the dangers of texting while churning.

  10. Multi tasking has always been in style I guess! I love this picture!

  11. As a kid, my best friend was Michael. I remember once visiting him, he tossed me a container of cream, said "Let's make butter!" So we tossed it back and forth and shook it until we did. Great fun! I also remember making butter in a jar with a paddle wheel operated by a hand crank. I think buttermilk tastes kind of awful, but somehow I still like it now and then. For the comment above by Michael (not the same Michael, I bet):Thanks for the info about cultured buttermilk; I did not know that! Now I want to taste traditional buttermilk, and I don't mean Dale Evans' horse. For all: I hope this is posted once and correctly, sorry if otherwise.

  12. Used to make butter in the blender with cream from our milk cow.

  13. My mother told me about memorizing lots of poetry while churning. Good for rhythmic memorization:

    t was many and many a year ago,
    In a kingdom by the sea,
    That a maiden there lived whom you may know
    By the name of Annabel Lee;
    And this maiden she lived with no other thought
    Than to love and be loved by me.

    I was a child and she was a child,
    In this kingdom by the sea;
    But we loved with a love that was more than love-
    I and my Annabel Lee;

    Oops, off in a rhythmic transport. She used to make a lotta butter that way!


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