Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I love this picture of these Boomtown Diners. The picture was taken in Saint Louis, Oklahoma. The year was 1939. This is another picture worth zooming in on to see all the detail. 

Does anyone else wonder what happened to Roger, aka RTD, aka DADD? He used to post firth thing every morning, and we have not heard from him in a while. I wonder if he issued a comment embargo because of the new word verification. Any ideas?


  1. We had a diner in Bourne on Cape Cod, it was right outside the military base. Great food, I want to say it was an old airstream. The origional owner had a connection to the Wizard of Oz, lots of memorabilia from the movie. Sorry to say it burnt down in the late 80's early 90's.

  2. I read somewhere that you could still buy a newly constructed diner that followed the plans for the old fashioned ones.

    I wonder if that is still true, or if it was ever true? Anyone know?

    Last time I was in Saint Paul, the diner in the downtown area was still there, still as busy as ever. They make real good hamburgers and excellent breakfast.

  3. The letters are so hard to read, at least for me after I try 3 - 4 times and get them wrong, I gave up
    Some of the word were 9 letters long, but gererally they were 7 or 8 letters for a total of 15 letters.
    It's not an embargo, I just get tired of tryig to get them right.
    They are fuzzy and against each other, and try as I might I don.t seem to be able to get them right.
    I even figured out if you hit that litle circled arrow you can get different letters, but the new one are no better.
    But I will keep trying until I get it right today.
    I didn't mind the old verfi system, but thiis new one is a real killer.

    We have up in this area "Kroll diners" they look like a Silver Stream trailer, only bigger.
    Yes I to do remember that drug store with the soda fountain, but they did not serve any real food, just fountain items. What I really like was a little dinner that served "Black Cows". A Drink made with REAL ice cream and rootbeer. YUMMMMY

  4. I love this picture. It has everthing, cars, people, cafe, weeds, and whats that thing on the tower?

    Pictures like this make me hungry for a good lunch. Who will join me for a cold coke and a jucy berger? Meet you there at noon.

  5. Welcome back DADD. I agree the new word verification is hard to see, especially the second set. I always wondered why they use this system, to prove your not a robot or prove your not drunk while writing;-)

    My sibling and I use to frequent a diner in old town Auburn. The cook MIng made the best hamburgers and pork rinds. The meat was a generous amount and juicy. We would grab a coke out of those old coke cola ice chest. There was a bar adjacent to it, interesting place. The creek flow under the place, so there were always stories about the gold dust that went through the cracks in the floor boards.
    It is snowing in the Sierras yaaa!

  6. Michael,

    The diner in St. Paul is Mickey's. Been there since 1939. Get an omelet if you go, they're delicious.

  7. Every time I see a lunch counter type restaurant, and there are still a few in Toronto, I get a toasted BLT and a chocolate milkshake.
    By the way, yours are particularly fuzzy capchas. Maybe there are easier ones.

  8. The derrick in the background was called a 'Standard' derrick. there is still one left near where I live in the Salt Creek Oil Field. There used to be thousands of them. Used to be a nice little cafe similar to this one too. Fun picture.

  9. Glad to hear from you Roger. I was wondering if you were ill. I remember the old soda fountains. My Aunt worked in one and she always made me super size chocolate sundies. Sure wish I could still them, but my diabetes screams NO!!!!

  10. DADD, if the words you are given are hard to read, click on the icon of the arrow in a circle just to the left of the box where you type the two words, that will bring up two different word images - just keep clicking until you get one that's easier to read and go with that one. Nice to see you too by the way. I feel old when everyone is waxing nostalgic about the old days of OPOD.

  11. Yep, Mickey's it is!

    Thanks, couldn't remember the name and I have had an omelet there...back in the early 60's.

    I have been back since then, but only make it every 10 years or so.

    thanks for the name...

  12. Great photo!

    Glad to see you back DADD.

  13. This remindes me so much of Rodessa and Oil City,LA. and McCloud,Texas back in the 30s

  14. Love these old pictures of diners.

  15. I will leave a comment. I love your old photos and learn so much from you. However the new word verification is almost impossible and I have good eyes. If you have comment moderation enabled why in the world do you need word seems redundant to me. I DO NOT have word verification or comment moderation on either of my blogs. Spam is almost non existent because Blogger has a great Spam detector. Just my 2 or 3 cents worth:(


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