Sunday, January 29, 2012

Woman and her Dog

Today's picture shows a woman looking out the window with her dog. The picture was taken in Harlem in New York.


  1. That dog looks a lot like the other dog.

    They appear to be having an intelligent conversation. Dogs are good companions. My dog is at his usual place at my feet.

  2. As I promised, one of my stories of a working dog.

    My Brittany Spaniel (her name was Peggy) loved to hunt pheasants so much that one day she was on a scent with her nose to the ground that when she went into a small dried up slough she chased out a big hawk and she never looked up at it when it flew away. then about 40 yards farther along she chased out a fox ( that may have been on the pheasants scent also) and she never even looked up at it either.
    What a dedicated dog.

  3. 6 below on its way to 23 above.

  4. What a wonderful picture!

  5. I have a Toy Fox Terrier. After the death of my Rat terrier, I said I was not going to get another dog. One Saturday, my daughter and son-in-law, took me with them to visit his daughter. As we passed a parking lot, we saw a van with a sign with Toy Fox Terriers for sale. On the way back, the van was still there. My son-in-law wanted to see what they had. I told them, I do not believe in buying dogs or cats, that my dad always said it was bad luck. Well the first thing the people said as we got out of the car, was "She is free". I couldn't resist getting that funny, cuddly, little bit of fur. Gidget is my BFF.

  6. Looks like this one has topped out at 5 posts, so since I have a 5 letter verify word, I'll slip one in here. DADD, I think I got one that was supposed to go to you.

    We don't have any more dogs, just Siamese cats. We get to travel a lot, and it is easier to have our neighbor (a cat lady) come in once or twice a day and take care of them.

    My last 2 dogs were Vizlas. They are really neat dogs, and if I was ever to get another dog, it would be a Vizsla. Heck, I can't even spell it any more. Anyway, every time I see somebody with a Vizsla, I have to go over and introduce myself and get my dog fix.

  7. Hey I got a 5 letter verifi so I couldn't pass it up.

    More working dog stories in the coming days.

  8. I want to move forward with the suggestion of permanently extending dog week until further notice.

    Please respond back.

  9. Great photo.

  10. There's something very compelling about this picture; it's hard to stop looking at it. It makes me think, but I'm not sure what I'm thinking.

  11. I like the picture too! dogs are awesome companions! I have two labs (45 lbs & 90 lbs) and a 5 lb Chihuahua....guess who the boss is? :)
    Yes! I vote to keep dog week on for another week! is it too late?
    p p p p please?
    AHA!! I haven't read about any 6 letter verifis! I got one!


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