Monday, January 2, 2012

Texas Farmstead

OK, I hope you enjoyed our travels through Africa over the last two weeks, but we are back home now, so to get back into the swing of things I figure it is a good time to have "Texas" week. We will be spending the week looking at a bygone era of the Great State of Texas.

This picture is from 1913, and shows a farmstead near Corsicana, Texas. The family is a sharecropping family growing cotton. In 1913, the family produced 20 bales of cotton, and everyone in the family worked to make it happen.

It is great to be home, and in the next few weeks, I hope to give you more updates on the things I learned in Africa. Right now, I still trying to digest it all.


  1. 32 and sunny after a high of 72 yesterday; maybe winter will come to Southern Maryland after all.

    Was the pot all they had for cooking, or was there more inside? Perhaps the pot was used for laundry water.

    Nice wagon, I( assume it was the kids' toy.

    Happy New Year and thank you, PJM, for your photos.

  2. The pot was most likly used for making soap also.

  3. Just like I figured. With that cold weather in Canada, and only 75 miles South, it would get colder here soon.
    Well it is 2 above and sunny, with the high of about 10 above today.

    And I see there was a drastic drop in temps in Maryland also.

  4. Welcome home, Mr. and Mrs. PJM, and happy new year to all!

  5. I just wanted to stop in and say thank you for your site and all the effort you put into it. I not only enjoy the vintage photos but although life may have been harder in some respects long ago, I think there was also something peaceful about it, something simpler and we had more time for family and people in general than we do these days.
    Keep up the great site and best of wishes for 2012 for you and your family from way up here in the cold country.

  6. I liked the construction of the building. I bet the roof leaked, it appeared to be in need of repair.

    The barel was used to collect rain water. Rain water is soft and good for washing hair and for clothes.

    The man had holes in his pants and the kids were barefoot.

    Thanks for the great picture.