Friday, January 13, 2012


Today's picture is from 1939, and it shows spectators at the Cimarron, Kansas County Fair. I find it interesting how much clothing has changed since then. Have you noticed that almost all the casual clothes today have some sort of graphic or text on it? I find the older simpler style here very appealing.


  1. No one is wearing, tennis shoes, flip-flops, t- shirts or blue jeans, although one man is wearing overalls.

    The clothes actually fit instead of being so tight it looks like they are painted on or so loose it looks in danger of falling off.

    No snow yet, but maybe tonight. After a high of 70 yesterday, it is expected to be in the 40's with a ferocious wind.

  2. It is 8 below right now in Grand Forks with a high of 12 above. Can't tell anytinhg about the snow, because I'm 800 miles away. I do know that they got some snow and will get more today, but I don't know how much.

    I did notice that every one is wearing head covers except the 3 younger ones. And so the trend starts to not wear hats.

    Hey, only a 5 letter verifi

  3. Notice how thin everyone is. These people could move fast and seemed to be more alert back then. When you go into a store now it is a problem to get by anyone even though the walkways are wider. A big difference can be seen in the size of military troops now and the boys in WW2, Korea and Vietnam. Cloths made in the USA.

  4. I wonder what event they are watching. The little girl sitting on the car is probably thinking, "I wish there was someone my age to play with, this is boring".

    2 hour school delay this morning, black ice in Manchester NH.

  5. I go out of my way to ensure I don't show brands or logos. If they want me to advertise their product, they gotta pay me.

  6. I think casual clothes were too much of a luxury back then. Casual clothes were just your old good clothes. Men owned a suit for church and if proper for work. If they could afford it and their type of job warranted it, they had work clothes like mechanics coveralls etc and the Sunday suit. Look at all the pictures of men doing manual labor (WPA etc) wearing suits.


  7. When I was a kid, we changed our clothes when we came in from school. We had our Sunday clothes, our school clothes and our play clothes.How it seems to be turned around. I don't attend Church as often as I should, but I'm shocked at how people dress to attend church, now. I try to look my best when I go to church.

  8. A trip through a mall today ( which I strongly resist ) lets you see what people wear casually these days. I agree with Myrtle's decsription and add that shirts with or without logos need to at least be clean.

    DADD, we were at almost 72 yesterday and freezing last night. We don't seem to know whether it is summer or winter around here. Sure glad it almost never snows here. The roads become an insurance agents nightmare.

  9. Thank you for mentioning the difference in casual clothing then versus now. I had thought about that in your earlier posts of young people hanging out together on fairgrounds in the 1940s. I am 60. I have always avoided wearing logos, statements, etc, on clothing, beginning in high school when I attacked my sweaters with scissors to remove the Izod alligator logos sewn on to them. I have yet to receive any stipend from any company to become a walking billboard for them! I refuse to become a member of a herd of cattle patiently lined up to undergo the stigma of the branding iron.

  10. I never buy anthing that has a logo on it, other than "THE FIGHTING SIOUX" from Grand Forks.
    If NCAA thinks just because they think it is a derogatory logo and have banned it, that I will stop wearing it, they a badly mistaken.

    If I get it free then I will wear it.
    I don't think I have ever bought a ball cap, but I have dozens of new one I haven't even worn yet

  11. DADD, That's why they are called "gimme" caps, as in, if they are free, man, Gimme one!!!

    I like to collect t=shirts from places I have been. Every time I wear one it reminds me of that particular trip. Hope to get one from MT. Rushmore this summer.

    8 letters again. bummer

  12. mid 60s here. Thunder storm last night woke me up. 1st time I heard thunder in 7 months.
    6 letter.


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